Current team

Lise Ovreås
Professor - University of Bergen

Environmental microbiology and ecology, Microbial diversity, Arctic metagenomics, Permafrost systems, ecosystem functions

Hélène Barthelemy
Postdoctoral researcher - University of Bergen

Nutrient and carbon cycling, Microbial communities, Arctic, Climate change, Herbivory

Simone Lang
Associate professor - UNIS

Ecosystem functions, Vegetation, Decomposition, Climate change, Permafrost systems, Arctic

Emelie Winquist
PhD student - UNIS
Arctic, Ecology, 15N, Decomposition, Mycorrhiza
Michael Gundale
Professor - SLU

Nitrogen, Carbon, Community Ecology, Climate Change, Ecosystem Functioning

Anders Michelsen
Professor - University of Copenhagen

Plant physiological ecology, biogeochemistry, plant-microbe interactions, arctic ecology, stable isotope methods

Neslihan Taş
Research Scientist - Berkeley Lab

Microbial Ecology, Metagenomics, Permafrost, Soil Carbon Cycle, Infrared Spectroscopy

James Speed
Professor - NTNU

Herbivory, Tundra, Boreal forest, geese, cervids

Vigdis Vandvik
Alpine plant ecology, Climate change, Biogeography, Conservation ecology, Environment policy
Millie Johnson

Climate Change, Ecosystem Functioning, Botany, Carbon Cycling, and Boreal Forests

Fredrik Selmer
Master student - Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Climate change, Grubbing, Arctic tundra, Soil invertebrates, Soil carbon.