TERRA,  a research project about goose herbivory and climate change in the High Arctic!

We are a multidisciplinary and international team aiming to develop a mechanistic understanding of the interactive effects of climate change during the cold season and increased goose herbivory pressure on permafrost thaw and cascading effects on microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling.  We have developed a complete belowground and aboveground approach.

Our study sites are located in the High Arctic tundra of Svalbard. We explore our research questions by combining new field and lab techniques and state-of-the-art chemical and DNA-based measurements,

The TERRA  project is funded by the  Norwegian research council to Lise Ovreås, University of Bergen (Norway), and runs from 2021 to 2025.

We have project partners from Svalbard (UNIS), Norway (NTNU), Sweden (SLU Umeå), Denmark (University of Copenhagen) and USA (LBL).

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>  We are preparing our main research sites for the polar night

> Millie is running her incubation study at SLU Umeå, Sweden

> The second field season is now reaching its end and ... planning for the next one is underway!